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Lasers Shows for Sporting Events are used to ignite Seattle Seahawks fans for NFL Super Bowl XLVIII

Laser Shows at Sporting Events — Lasers are Used to Ignite Seattle Seahawks Fans For NFL Super Bowl XLVIII

NFL Superbowl XLVIII has the entire entertainment industry buzzing, as preparations are being made for what is sure to be one of the most exciting Super Bowl games yet. The Seattle Seahawks recently claimed victory in the 2014 NFC Championship game, and are now headed to Super Bowl XLVIII where will they make their first Super Bowl appearance against the Denver Broncos.  As this is the Seahawk’s...

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Pangolin laser shows for corporate events on waterscreen

Laser Shows for Corporate Events

Laser Shows are growing in popularity across a wide variety of segments. Now a days, you can see lasers shows just about everywhere… From nightclubs and festivals, to theme parks and sporting events, to music videos and tours. However, in recent years, the corporate world has also taken notice and realized that laser shows add that “WOW” factor to their events. Be it a new...

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Pangolin Laser Systems Helps make laser shows safer with innovative laser safety products like Beam Attenuation Map

Pangolin Laser Systems Helps Make Laser Shows Safer, with Innovative Laser Safety Products

The popularity of laser light shows has risen exponentially over the past few years, and many experts now believe that the laser light show industry is valued at over a quarter of a billion dollars.  With such a huge increase in the number of new people entering the laser show business, as well as the number of laser light shows taking place, the need for proper laser safety training and...

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Laser portait of Nelson Mandela output on rocks

LaserX honors the memory of Nelson Mandela, with beautiful laser display

In recognition of the recent passing of former President Nelson Mandela, LaserX (for their client The Western Cape Government), paid tribute to the great man by choreographing a laser light show to display Nelson Mandela’s face, name, and messages onto the side of beautiful Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.  To perform such a stunning laser display, the team at LaserX used Pangolin’s...

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