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FB4 Standard with QuickShow




FB4 Standard is a new network hardware from Pangolin, that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for professional laser show control. FB4 Standard allows you to run your laser shows in a complete network setup (using standard CAT5 or CAT6 cable). It can also be controlled using ArtNet, and it features on-board SD card memory (for automatic show playback). You can operate FB4 Standard from a lighting console, PC, or in auto-mode. And the full color OLED display on FB4 Standard also provides control over a variety of projector settings (including colors, safety, geometric correction and more). FB4 Standard also comes with the award-winning QuickShow laser control software absolutely FREE.

Try a FREE DEMO of QuickShow, by Clicking Here.

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Product Overview

Click Here, for a complete overview of the FB4 Hardware Platform. 

FB4 is a media server for your laser shows, allowing you to control all projector and show control parameters, as well as giving you the ability to easily interface with other lighting and production equipment. You can control FB4 from a lighting console, PC, or in auto-mode.

FB4 is a customizable OEM hardware device, that can be configured in different ways based on your needs as a client. FB4 was originally designed to be installed directly inside of your laser projector, thus giving you the option of entirely eliminating the ILDA (DB-25 cable) from your show setup, and allowing you to operate your laser more like a standard lighting fixture. FB4 can also be built into a standalone enclosure, if you wish to use the hardware outside of the laser projector.

The FB4 Standard product you see here features the FB4 main board, custom network/ArtNet port, SD card memory  (for automatic show playback) and the full color OLED display (for control over a variety of projector parameters, including colors, geometric correction, safety and more).

* All FB4 hardware, includes a copy of the award-winning QuickShow software, absolutely FREE. 

Read below, for an overview of QuickShow software

Whether you are new to lasers, or have years of experience, QuickShow adapts to your level so you can create stunning laser shows right out of the box. The software is compatible with both our FB3QS USB based hardware, and FB4 network based hardware. Check out the short video below, providing a brief overview of this industry leading laser software.

QuickShow comes standard with nearly 2000 pre-loaded laser beam effects, graphics, animations, logos and abstracts. And we also provide you with hundreds of beautiful laser shows absolutely FREE, programmed to today’s most popular music.

QuickShow also features our unique QuickTools, which allow you to create custom content (such as laser beam effects, text, graphics, laser logos, and complete timeline-based laser shows), in just seconds.

The software is also compatible with DMX and MIDI for further flexibility. And we have a custom profile available for the popular APC MINI console, that allows you to perform amazing live laser shows faster and easier than ever before. QuickShow also has automatic BPM sync tools and a plugin for the Virtual DJ software, allowing you to easily synchronize lasers and audio in a convenient and easy manner.

And, for the ultimate in customization, use our advanced editors for professional-level features such as cue layering and sequencing, automatic beat triggering, timelines for syncing to pre-recorded music, triggering DMX channels, and controlling multiple laser projectors.

  1. For an instant show, just trigger pre-defined cue frames

    Let’s say you want to display a preset psychedelic laser design. The software’s user interface is conveniently laid out, so you can easily find any laser beam effect, graphic, logo or laser animation you desire. Just trigger the desired cue (from your PC or console), and it automatically displays in laser.


  2. As you move over the cues, the designs are animated on your screen. This lets you preview how they’ll look on the laser projector. To display the cue you want, simply click the mouse, or press the keyboard key that’s in the upper left corner. Instantly, the selected cue is displayed. It couldn’t be easier!
  3. Create Custom Content

    The next level is to make your own custom cues. This can be done for any type of laser effect you can imagine (beams, graphics, logos, text, abstracts and more). Using beams effects (as an example), the QuickShape tool lets you adjust the most important parameters of this content such as size, points color, and speed.


  4. For expert users, Advanced features give complete control

    QuickShow is the only laser software designed to be very easy from the start, yet powerful enough for professional shows. So you can grow with the software, as you grow in the industry. The chart below shows how QuickShow expands with you, as your experience and needs progress.


FB4 Hardware – Features

  • Full Network Control
  • Standalone SD card memory (auto-show playback)
  • Full color OLED display
  • Support for DMX, ArtNet, ILDA, and OSC
  • Support for up to 80K scan speeds
  • Support for 6-color channels
  • Improved high definition laser output
  • Ability to control of more lasers from a single work station
  • Modular, customizable design

QuickShow Software – Features

Powerful, Affordable and Easy to Use, QuickShow is a FREE laser show software, providing all the tools you need to create both “live” and pre-programmed laser shows. QuickShow is included with any Pangolin FB3QS or FB4 hardware purchase. Check out some of QuickShow’s most popular features below.

Live Controls

Perform live laser shows with ease. QuickShow has a full live control panel, making it easy to run live laser shows to the beat of the music. And it is compatible with both MIDI and DMX, so that you can run the software from a console. We also have a built in map for the popular Akai APC MINI, for a truly plug-and play live experience.

Timeline Shows

If you prefer to run pre-programmed timeline based laser shows, QuickShow offers a full suite of timeline based programming tools. And you can also set your own audio files, for perfect synchronization of lasers and music.

Laser Beams, Text, Graphics and Logos

With our popular QuickTools, you can create your own custom laser beam effects, text, graphics, and laser logos with ease. No complex programming required.

Drawing Program and Frame Editor

Our innovative drawing program and frame editor allow you to draw any sort of laser imagery or content you can imagine. And with professional, but easy to use tools, you can dial in your content with incredible precision and accuracy.

DMX and MIDI compatible

QuickShow software is compatible with both DMX and MIDI. And we provide a custom profile for the popular Akai APC MINI console, making for a truly plug and play experience.

Effect Generator

With our powerful effect generator, you can also apply custom effects to any laser content you create, including laser beam effects, text, graphics and laser logos.

Abstract Generator

If you love creating laser abstracts, you will love QuickShow. We include a powerful abstract content generator allowing you to develop your own custom abstract content.


Inside of QuickShow, we have a powerful yet easy to use BPM sync tool, perfect for live laser shows. We also have a FREE plugin for the popular Virtual DJ software, allowing you to automatically sync your laser show, with music. Synchronizing lasers and music in perfect time, has never been easier.

Auto-Play (Virtual Laser Jockey)

If you want to run your shows automatically, without being at the control station, this is no problem with QuickShow. Our innovative Virtual Laser Jockey Feature can run the show for you, triggering cues and content for you automatically, based on a set BPM you decide.

Easily Control Multiple Lasers

QuickShow provides our popular “zones” feature, which allows you to easily control multiple laser projectors, at the same time. And you can choose from independent or shared control, as you see fit.

Geometric Correction Tools

We include precise geometric correction tools with QuickShow, allowing you to dial in your projection areas. You also have control of your X, Y, and Z axis, as well as size, position, rotation and more.

High Definition Output and Scan Speed Support

The QuickShow software and FB3QS/FB4 hardware were designed to help improve the output from your laser projector. Giving you high-definition looking laser effects. In addition, the software supports high-speed scanners, inside of professional laser projectors. So no matter what laser projector you are using, QuickShow can help optimize this.

Preview Tools

QuickShow provides you with a convenient on-screen preview, of all laser content you are running. You can also see the content as it is sent, to each individual laser you are controlling.


As we develop new features for QuickShow, and continually update the software, these will be made available to you absolutely FREE of charge.


We also provide you, as a member of the Pangolin Family, with FREE support, and training. So if you ever have questions, or need support, rest assured a team will be there to help.